Give Someone A Chance in 2016



Over the years, The Moery Company has had the opportunity to give a person a ‘chance’ – someone who was transitioning, looking to work part time, or hired on a temporary basis for a project – someone who may not have been the “right-fit” on paper; but someone who was hungry to work hard, prove their worth – and, get the job done. I’ve never been disappointed.
In a small business like ours, we’ve been fortunate to always have a great volume of work. On occasion, I negotiated at length with individuals for full-time gigs that would help launch the company to new heights. These people had excellent experience, commanded a big salary, had lots of demands – and, they just didn’t pan out.
Business practices often dictate strict requirements on hiring based on the resume; but, I tell you – I’ve found there is something more important that lies between the lines. My advice in 2016 is to take a chance on someone – a person who may not be the ideal candidate – whose qualifications don’t tick all the boxes – but, someone without ego – eager to take your opportunity and run with it. Go with your gut – you won’t be disappointed.


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