How Should I Re-engage a Suddenly Unresponsive Prospect?



This dilemma is often the result of not having a predetermined timeline and process early in the qualification stage of the sale. Why need a timeline? The deal is going well, they are interested, you are speaking with a decision maker – the prospect wants a proposal. We’re just flying along, right?
Then the prospect goes dark…no one is returning calls, e-mails, zero communication. You panic because this deal is in the pipeline at 70%!  You are really desperate and upset. How could the prospect do this to you?  Because you may have let it happen.
Before I give you an excellent get-out-of-jail-free card…

  1. Did your introductory conversation identify when a decision would be made?
  2. Is the correct person receiving the information and designated as the point of contact?
  3. Ask the prospect – what should I do if I’m not hearing back from you.

If you haven’t done these things, try a voicemail or an e-mail, which goes something like this:
“I’m sorry I haven’t reached you, the scenario may have changed on your end. Perhaps”:

  1. “This is not important to you.”
  2. “The proposal was ridiculous.” Or,
  3. “You may want to move forward, but just haven’t had the chance.”

“It may be a different reason altogether; I just need to know.”
This approach gets a great response.


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