MoeryLAI’s Three Year Anniversary – Not What I Expected



MoeryLAI celebrates its third anniversary this week.  The milestone provides the opportunity to reflect, provide insights on our future, and show appreciation.
The first one thousand days have been quite a ride, and the best decision I ever made.  These themes are challenges to starting a new business which might be helpful in your leadership role.
Make the decision – The best leaders relish making a decision.  Truly, this is one of your most critical functions to effectively launch an operation.  Make the call, folks.  And, learn from the mistakes which arise from your faulty determinations, because you will make some wrong moves.  However, your employees, customers and the market seek companies which are decisive and stand for something..
Your action:  List the decisions needed in 24 hours as a separate checklist.  Make them.
Communicate with your most important audience – I always considered myself a good communicator..woops.  I just gained feedback from MoeryLAI employees.  Even though we conduct daily staff meetings, weekly one on one discussions, and offer real-time business performance information, I really must get better in this area.  When you are transparent about key parts of the business your team members can gain perspective about leadership decisions.  And, employees feel as though they are really a part of something.  My team just told me communication is the key performance improvement needed from the boss.  And, they are right.
Your action: Send an online survey to your staff and gain confidential feedback.  Want my version?  Email me
Service drives business success.  Plenty of people will differ, but I am absolutely convinced if your company puts service first, then revenues follow.  This means doing more than the contract says, holding weekly client calls, sending reports every Friday and providing the very best work regardless of what you are being paid.  Today, your clients have lots of competitive options.  The service culture may not get you the first contract, but will determine if customers return.  And, that is how a business is built.
Your action: Increase the service activities with your clients 100%.  If a planning process template would help you, contact me and I’ll provide a version of what we use.
You’re not going to starve – The initial sleepless nights most likely center around your ability to get business.  In reality, the most difficult part of a new enterprise is to work with the best clients, focus on service and value, and stick to a key service or product offering.  You can work your tail off and go to the poor house.  This is a major adjustment to those who have experience as managers.  A work ethic has served you well, but working hard is not the answer.  Working smart is.
Your action:  I’ll buy lunch and tell you the story.


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