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We strive to help associations succeed through strategic consulting projects, non-dues reviews, and membership and sponsorship sales that lead to revenue growth. In this new series, our business development and executive teams share how we have helped our clients realize new levels of success.

“In 2018, we began working with a group of individuals that were forming a new council and wanted our team to assist in building and growing the membership base. Since the official launch of the council in January 2019, we have recruited over 70 member companies, both large and small businesses nationwide. With the help of our team, the council’s work continues to generate interest in the industry, resulting in continued membership growth.” – Bethany Murphy

“Over the last three months, we have grown the WiM Corporate Membership sales by almost 10%. During this time, chapter development has expanded as well to increase the networking opportunities for their membership. Women in Manufacturing was built on the premise that together women are stronger, and together they can help advance the career goals of the women who have chosen a career in the industry.  By working with leaders in the manufacturing industry, I have been able to help connect commerce to communities.  In this space, companies are meeting the initiatives set to help women in the company enhancing their career aspirations.  We are changing the public perception of what a career in manufacturing looks like and opening new pathways towards success for a whole new demographic of talent.” – Susan Coven

“In 2015 we worked with a legal networking group to start a sponsorship program. While they had conferences and events for many years, they never had a sponsor for any of them. We interviewed the group’s stakeholders, reviewed competing organizations, and put together a brand-new prospectus.  Our team then researched prospects and introduced the prospectus to the marketplace. We brought in three first time sponsors the first year, and almost doubled their revenue the second year.” – Elizabeth Johnson
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