The Value of Taking Membership Inventory- Association Field Report (July, 9, 2021)



Hello everybody, it’s JP Moery, president of the Moery company, from the field today. I want to give credit to Elizabeth Johnson, our Vice President, and the entire sales team, as we discussed membership today.
I wanted to convey a couple of things to you. One is, is it time for your association to do an inventory of the membership status of all your members? Are there non-members that are receiving benefits, some that you are aware of, and some that you are not aware of?
Are they on committees, are they getting newsletter information, are they getting the insights and some of the best value that you have to offer an association? They’re either in arrears, intentionally or unintentionally.
When I was in the retail space as a young man and used to close the store, we would check the inventory of all the shirts and the gear that we had in the store. Everybody in the association or in the store worked on this.  From that we determined, hey, what’s missing, what’s not in place?
You need to do the same thing with your association members.  What association members or non-members are getting things that they shouldn’t be, and are they getting it for free? It’s important for you to know this moving forward, because if a former member is still getting half of the value, what kind of leverage do you have to sell them to bring them back?
Now’s the time to do that inventory in your association. Best wishes and good luck.
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