Three Things I’ve Learned at My First Job



From spending most of my time in the pool as a water polo player at UC Berkeley to transitioning to the workplace following graduation, I’ve felt tremendous excitement in landing my very first job this year. However, the leap to “young professional” can be daunting and I’ve experienced some growing pains –  but, my confidence is growing each day. I have a few pieces of crucial advice my more seasoned colleagues have shared over the last few months that have changed the game for me.
#1 Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: You will inevitably mess up. None of us are perfect and errors are bound to occur no matter how long you have been in the workforce. However, being new to the game, I have found my biggest mistakes have helped me progress. If you think about it, if you aren’t making a few mistakes here and there, you aren’t pushing yourself to your full potential. So, go ahead grind it out. Mistakes can provide for a learning experience that takes you to the next level
#2 Ask questions: I remember sitting in a college lecture hall and the professor would ask if anyone had any questions. Although we were often confused on different points, no one dared raise their hand. Since when did asking a question imply you aren’t intelligent? Some of the most experienced people I have had the pleasure of working with have questions and are not afraid of voicing them. Questions allow you to clarify points for the whole group and allows you to execute things right the first time
#3 Grind away: What you lack in experience; hard work can make up tenfold. While experience is very much valued, never let your inexperience prohibit you from pursuing a career you are passionate about. Working hard is the best way to learn, make mistakes, and grow in your field.
Moery Sales Associate, Madeline Trabucco joined the team in 2017. Follow her on Twitter and connect with her on LinkedIn. And, check out her first video as she turns the tables on President JP Moery.


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