Four Tips for Strategic Planning for Associations



I’ve been involved in some fantastic strategic planning sessions, and just strategic discussions recently, and I learned a couple things I want to pass along to you.
First and foremost: make sure that everybody is aligned and knows what your vision and mission is. At the very outset, before you go into the strategic planning development. Then address whether that mission and vision statement still fits after you go through the process. Sometimes, in fact we went through this the other day, the membership kind of wants to tweak things after they’ve identified the priorities for you. Or, they find that the mission statement needs to be modernized. Oftentimes, they don’t know what it was in the first place. So, do that first.
Second: members know what they want. They really do and, usually, it is not a surprise to the staff when it comes to what the members want.
The third part and question is: will you do it? Will you execute what the members want?
Fourth is the speed. Speed works. You can’t teach it in sports, you can teach it in business. But I can guarantee you it’s equally important in the business environment that we’re in now. The people that move fastest with enough velocity and go-go-go are the ones that are winning in the association marketplace. The speed, velocity, and cadence of your organization really needs to be enhanced and I think it’s increasingly important as your association moves forward.
Hey, just some observations from a few strategic planning sessions I’ve been in recently. Hope they’re helpful to you, be good!


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