Why is The Moery Company involved in IndyCar racing? – Ask JP #020



Hi everybody, it’s JP Moery. I’ve got an Ask JP question today from one of our readers.
Why is The Moery Company involved in IndyCar racing?
Hey, that’s a great question and I would love to answer it for you.
The original Moery Company, back in Oklahoma that my family owned, was actually in construction business. We were very involved in racing when I was a youth in the early 70s. I continued to have a passion for racing so when Jimmy Vasser of Jimmy Vasser-Sullivan racing, an IndyCar team, approached us about participating, I was thrilled about the opportunity.
We’re now in our third season and here’s what I like about it.
1. It’s unique. No other association consulting firms I know about are involved in IndyCar.
2. We’ve been able to have our clients, our team members, and the members of our client associations participate in and attend races such as the Indianapolis 500. It’s been a wonderful experience.
Thanks for asking the question and following us in our IndyCar endeavors!
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